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Hi all,

Some of you may have picked up on what I said in my last post about the possibility of some unexpected new posts this week. I was sceptical that this would happen because of the fact I’ve got a deadline on Monday which means I’m working every hour God sends, but look – I’ve managed to find time!

I’ve wanted to share my current project with you, but the most I seem to have managed is the occasional photo on Instagram. So now, I’m going to use the Deramores Blog Competition 2015 as an excuse to find half an hour to sit down and share a few bits with you.

The project I’m talking about is called “The White Project,” the brief for which specifies that I should look at various cubist and futurist artists and then take inspiration from their work and translate this to knit.


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As usual, I had so many ideas when I first got the brief, it took me awhile to be able to filter through them all and finally settle on a path that would give me enough scope to be able to get together a decent body of research, but at the same time not give me SO many ideas that I just spend all my time lying on the floor trying to reign in my imagination. (seriously, that’s happened before)


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I started by looking at Picasso and Braque specifically, printing images of their work in black and white so I could really focus on the shapes within the images and not get too distracted by the (undeniably beautiful) colours – it’s the “White Project” after all!



Something that I noticed, and I’m probably stating the obvious, was that Picasso used a lot of triangles in his work (as well as ‘cubes’ obviously), so I decided to start playing around these shapes, because whilst some may consider then fairly ‘simple’, I felt that they had the potential to be something really exciting.



I settled on this drawing of triangles to mainly inspire my final garment, but I still didn’t feel comfortable with just using black and white as my two colours, I wanted to be able to incorporate some of the beautiful colours I’d seen, but not so much that the whole concept of the project was lost.



It was at this point that I was brainstorming with a friend of mine who does Fine Art, and he suggested I looked a prisms.

After some research, I suddenly felt like I was back in a year 8 science lesson learning about refraction! Was this how I would be able to bring colour to my project?



Obviously this was a perfectly justified excuse to go and splurge on some lovely rainbow coloured yarn, and laden with goodies, I headed back to halls feeling triumphant that I finally knew where I was going with this project.



Instead of focusing on machine knitting, I decided to take a step back to A-level and let my work grow organically in the form of free-form crochet. I decided to add subtle texture, as you can see, by picking up and knitting along the edge of each triangle I made with the bold colours that white light splits into when refracted.



After a few nights of crocheting into the small hours, kept company with my Sex and the City box set (no judging please) I finally felt that my work was beginning to take shape.




It’s still a work in progress, but I’m super super happy with how it’s growing so far. I love being able to use both knit and crochet together, because as silly as it seems, some seem to consider them as completely different entities because the patterns are a “different language” but they really do compliment each other.

I’m probably going to continue to work on this one over the weekend, as I’ve got this week off work – good job I’ve got a secret stash of jammy dodgers at home – I think I’m going to need them!

There we go, now you know how I went from cubist paintings, to The Dark Side of the Moon!


(for those you may not have quite got my joke :P)


Until next time



This post is my submission to the Deramores Craft Blog Competition 2015. Deramores is the UK’s number one online retailer of knitting and crochet supplies. Visit for more details.


Fair Isle Cardigan

Good evening,

Funnily enough, my blog post this week is actually completely about knitting!

This is a project that I started a little while ago (Slight understatement, but what’s a couple of months eh?)

I fancied trying my hand at a little bit of fair isle, and when I came across this pattern for a cardigan with ‘just’ a fair isle yoke, I couldn’t resist…


I used acrylic DK yarn, because I find (please don’t kill me yarn purists…) wool too itchy personally – although I’m completely in love with alpaca, but being on a student budget, it’s not the easiest of yarns to afford…

This is it finished, I’ve just got to find 8 nice buttons which match the colour scheme, and then it’s ready to wear – I just pinned it on my mannequin for the purpose of this photograph.


What do you think!? I’m not going to lie that I’m quite proud of it, especially as it’s my first attempt at the technique. I know that if you look closely enough ( Please don’t – I beg of you) there are no doubt a couple of mistakes in the fair isle pattern, but generally, the way I carried the yarn behind the work etc was rather successful – even if I do say so myself 🙂

Until next week, Keep knitting
Bex xx

Knit One, Save One


This week, I’m finally able to share with you something that I’ve been stupidly excited about (I’m serious, I’ve been worse than a 5 year old on Christmas day).

A couple of months ago I had an e-mail from a very nice lady from this tiny little company that is fondly known as the NHS…Yes, you read that correctly, the National Health Service, in relation to a project that they were looking at launching in order to promote blood donations.

Basically, this is my way of calling upon all of you knitters out there to pick up those needles in aid of a fantastic cause! As well as sharing this cause with all of your friends – I don’t ask for much do I?


For the patterns, please email

Every day we require 7,000 units of blood to meet hospital demand, and with only 4% of the eligible population giving blood you can appreciate the need for us to recruit new donors. We are hoping this campaign will engage young people in particular to come forward and register, as they are our donors of the future.

We are looking for enthusiastic knitters to help us raise awareness of blood donation for a campaign we will be running in February 2014. We would like people to knit blood drops for us, of varying sizes to form part of our national campaign.


I think I’ll leave it there this week – need I say anymore?

Get knitting and I look forward to hearing from you

Bex x