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I Saw Pandas!!

As promised, today I’m going to tell you all about the zoo that I visited on Friday – Ready?

We’ve seen this zoo (ZooParc de Beauval)  advertised for the last few years that we’ve been here, but finally we managed to make some time in our incredibly busy schedule – Oh it’s a hard life reading a knitting – to venture over there.

When we arrived, we were under the impression that the dogs wouldn’t be allowed into the park, but it turned out that they were only banned from certain areas, which were the various aviaries/tropical houses, and around the pandas. (Pandas – we’ll get to this in a moment)



In comparison to places like ZSL London Zoo, the size of the enclosures is definitely a great deal larger, although arguably this probably has something to do with the fact that France is a considerably larger country, and therefore can afford to allocate more space to such things!


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But anyway, moving on. This particular zoo is the only zoo in France that has possession of 2 giant pandas, and when I discovered this, the 5 year old inside me really took over!



THEY’RE SO CUTE AND FLUFFY!! I just wanted to cuddle them!!

Although I don’t think that would go down particularly well…



If anybody can say that isn’t cute…well…we’re no longer friends – you have been warned.

The other animals I was really excited about seeing were the elephants.


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I visisted ZSL London Zoo not that long ago, and just assumed that they still had elephants (in my defence, my last visit was over 10 years ago).

But no. Not an elephant to be seen, because they were all moved over to Whipsnade in 2001. Gutted.

But my desire to see elephants was fulfilled, and they even had a baby – there’s something about baby elephants, they’re just so…funny? The way them bumble around and just enjoy themselves, regardless of what’s going on around them. Elephants are fascinating animals.

Is that little summary acceptable enough? Because the sun has come out, and there’s a beer back at the camper with my name on it…

Until next time





We’re all going on a…

Summer holiday!

Oi oi and Bonjour,

Any guesses to where I am at this current moment in time?

For those of you who guessed correctly, yes I am indeed sitting in a bar on a campsite in France!

I’m at a little place called Le Moulin Fort, in the heart of the Loire valley. So basically the last 6 days have consisted of sitting on a river bank doing very little and working my way through the pile of ‘must read’ books that has been growing since last year.

Euro Tunnel cancelled our train on the way out here, meaning that our journey took longer than we planned – some of us felt the strain more than others though it would appear. Poor little thing eh? You wouldn’t suspect she’s spent all day barking at the neighbours would you?

We’re surrounded by beautiful countryside, spitting distance from châteaux de chenonceau, which is a stunning example of French gothic and renaissance architecture, built in 1514-1522.

Who can complain at a view like that?

The weather is brightening up, having rained for the first few days that we were here – it’s safe to say that wasn’t much fun for any of us, being stuck in a tin can in the pouring rain, but it looks set to be rather sunny for the next week, so hallelujah!

Whilst I’ve been reading (I’ll get back to knitting soon…but even I have to rest sometimes!) Dad’s been fishing.

I love this photo – I can just imagine Sadie’s confusion at the fact Dad has been using her dog food as bait – she wasn’t very impressed…

Sorry it’s short and sweet today.

I visited the local zoo yesterday, but instead of bombarding you with photos, I thought I’d share that with you next time 🙂 Therefore,

Until next time