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Large Motifs

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Hey hey!

Continuing with the theme of the Deramores Blog Competition 2015, I thought I’d share some more with you today!



You’ve probably seen this garment appear quite a few times over the last year or so. It was on a mannequin in my studio loft for months when I was doing my A-levels, and I was gradually adding to it when I had time (when do I ever have time?!) haha.



I was initially going to enter this post into the “DIY Crochet Garments” category for the competition, but then I remembered that actually, the whole thing is made up of the same large crochet motifs, so why not enter it for large motifs? I’m a genius – I know.


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Some may be familiar with this story, but for those of you who aren’t – I was given some beautiful blue cotton by a friend of mine well over a year ago, and it sat on my desk for months whilst I decided what to do with it.

It was so lovely I didn’t want to waste it, but at the same time, as someone told me the other day, if you were to get hit by a bus tomorrow, wouldn’t you regret not using all that yarn you’ve saved for something”special”? Extreme example I know, but it’s one I’m starting to live by.

It started off as just playing around with the idea of a heart motif, and gradually it expanded into this corset. It still needs lining, and then I’ve got a very talented photographer/student lined up to take some lovely photos of it when it’s finished.


#WIP #workinprogress #crochet #cotton #blue #knitting #knittingmachine #knitwear #yarn

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This garment for me is just pure indulgence in all honesty. The rich colours, beautiful yarn, the fact it can be whatever I want it to be without following a brief – it’s a welcome distraction when times are tough and I just want to enjoy myself.




I wouldn’t be doing a knitwear course if I didn’t enjoy it, but sometimes (a little bit like today), it’s nice to be reminded of why I fell in love with the craft in the first place. The freedom of being able to create your own fabrics, and have so much control over a design that you can influence something with something as small as a single stitch.


There we go – I’ve been promising for ages that I’d share with you what I’ve been up to recently – I hope this is an acceptable about of Granny Willis for you all!

Until next time




This post is my submission to the Deramores Craft Blog Competition 2015. Deramores is the UK’s number one online retailer of knitting and crochet supplies. Visit for more details.


‘The Blue Cotton’

It’s a little bit like ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’…except it’s blue…and not wallpaper…hmm.

I’ve promised for ages that I’d show you what I’ve been making with that blue cotton I got from Mary’s mum, so today I shall do just that.


#WIP #workinprogress #crochet #cotton #blue #knitting #knittingmachine #knitwear #yarn

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#WIP #workinprogress #crochet #knitwear #knitting #knittingmachine #yarn

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It’s still a work in progress, and therefore I’ve only shown you aspects of it (I’m not trying to hide the fact I haven’t sewn my ends in once again…honest!)

Something else I’ve been doing this week, is reading the diary of Anne Frank. I visited Anne Frank’s house when I was in Amsterdam on Saturday, and I suddenly felt incredibly ashamed that I hadn’t actually made the effort to read the book, even though it’s been sitting on my bookshelf since GCSE English Lit.



Since I started reading on Monday evening, I’ve been completely hooked. The emotions I’m experiencing whilst reading this child’s diary are not something I feel that I can accurately translate into words, but I compel anybody who hasn’t read it, to do so. It’ll give you a whole different perspective on any current situation you’re in. Trust me.

I’ll leave you with a little musical number. This was on the soundtrack of ‘The Carrie Diaries’ (I’m a hopeless SATC addict) and it’s been stuck in my head ever since I watched the episode in which it featured. Oh it’s such a hard life. Enjoy!

The whole 80s theme will become clearer when I reveal my next blog…oooh suspense!



It’s raining…

on prom night!

Another song reference, sorry! Maybe it’s got something to do with working in one of these…



For those of you who are unaware, I’m a Box Office Assistant at my local theatre, which although I may occasionally moan about, I really do enjoy 🙂

I digress.

So lets kick things off with what the title of this blog refers to.

Now I’ve finished year 13, we all had our end of year prom the other day, and for those of you who are interested in my life, as well as my knitting, I thought I’d share 🙂

Scrub up alright don't we? #prom #promnight #fun #friendship #friends

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I don’t think we scrub up too badly do we?!

It was a really great celebratory evening, and I can’t believe 7 years have come to an end 😦

So now I’ve shared that with you, I know you’re all desperately eager to know what I’ve been making this week 😉

I'm loving this #blue #crochet #cotton

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Do you remember a little while ago I mentioned a lovely lady called Mary, who had passed on lots of bits and pieces that were her Mums? Well amongst patterns and needles etc, was a rather large quantity of this stunningly regal blue cotton.

I fell in love with the colour immediately, and it’s been sitting on my desk waiting to be turned into something that will suitably showcase it’s beauty!

Finally, I had a spare couple of hours the other evening…actually that’s a lie…it was more like 11 o’clock at night, because my brain has this awful habit of becoming rather inspired just as everyone’s going to sleep! I lovingly refer to this as ‘creative insomnia’, but it does drive the rest of my household crazy…woops!

Anyway, I started playing with some free-form crochet, and you’ll be pleased to know that it’s starting to turn into something rather exciting – but I’ll save that for another day I think.

I’ll leave you all in suspense!

Until next time