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Well it’s been a while hasn’t it?

It’s funny, because so much has happened since I last wrote, but I had no idea how to put it all in a post.

Especially because I was still waiting for things to be confirmed, so I didn’t want to count my chickens as it were.

Let’s start from where we left off I think…otherwise I’ll probably confuse myself and you guys in the process!

First things first, since I last spoke to you in May, let’s start in June.

Blue! So much blue! #sea #malta #sky #bluesky #mellieha #melliehabay #melliehabeach

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#tb to those hot Maltese afternoons… #malta #mellieha #holiday #melliehabay

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As you can see, June saw me and my mum jetting off to Malta for a week after the final university hand-in. It was a lovely way to kick-start the summer, lying on a beach doing very little other than read and relax. (or at least try to!)

Whilst Malta was beautiful, I was trying to manage an installation that I’d been working on as part of the Winchester Hat Fair





Using the concept of natural growth, this yarnboming installation, inspired by the theme of waste and recycling, intends to raise awareness of human consumption and how this is affecting the natural world around us.

By transforming found and recycled objects such as carrier bags, bottles, and litter, this piece provokes the realisation that the waste that we as a population are producing, is gradually consuming nature itself.

The intention of this piece is to literally show that the results of human consumption in the form of waste, have more than just one purpose, and by growing it in to something beautiful, we’re giving new life to these abandoned objects.





Knit for Nature has now gone on to tour various festivals around Hampshire, including Twyford Graze, and Wickham Festival. In total it will have been at 7 locations by the end of the tour, thanks to  Winchester Action on Climate Change’s The Great Waste programme, Winchester City Council, and the Arts Council.


I also…

  • moved house
  • broke my hand
  • dyed my hair purple
  • got commissioned for a new christmas installation that I can tell you more about in due course
  • and most importantly, changed University Course from Fashion and Textiles Design: Knitwear to Fine Art, so that I can focus more on my installation work rather than just being restricted to garments.

All in all, it’s been a pretty busy summer to say the least…I hope this post explains why I’ve been absent for, what I must admit has been too long.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet – I’ve also built myself a new website Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think!

Until next time





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